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Notice to Pay/Quit $350.00

Notice to Pay or Quit

This is known as the Eviction Notice for an Unlawful Detainer.

  • Review Lease

  • Draft Notice

  • Serve Notice

  • Draft Proof of Service

Basic Eviction $800.00

Basic Eviction

In addition to Notice to Pay/Quit:

  • Draft Summons & Complaint

  • File Documents With Court

  • Serve Defendants and Unknown Occupants

Uncontested Eviction $1,150.00

Judgment & Writ

  • Draft Default

  • Obtain Judgment

  • Prepare Writ

  • Deliver Writ to Sheriff

Contested Eviction $1,350.00

Trial Preparation

  • Respond to Discovery

  • Draft, File, Serve Trial Notices

  • Attempt to Settle With Other Party

  • Prepare Trial Exhibits.

The Eviction Advantage

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Next Steps...

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